My next challenge

The Glencoe Marathon.

It was a good idea when I entered it. I’ll complete a 26-mile race just before my 26th birthday! hopefully…

I’ve grown up knowing lots of amazing runners who do these big epic races (& bigger). My dad once ran the West Highland Way in 2 1/2 days, so I’ve got a strong trail to follow.


My biggest worry is being able to stick to a pretty strict training programme through a very busy summer. With my new trail shoes and some motivations, I’m hoping that I’ll be fit enough to enjoy the experience. I am aware that I might not enjoy every mile, but being able to smile through at least half would be nice.

Any tips, tricks or motivational tunes to stick on my playlist would be much appreciated!




The Isle of Skye

Skye is an absolutely stunning island off the West coast of Scotland. It’s the largest Isle of the Inner Hebrides, and despite being over 5 hours from Glasgow or Edinburgh, it is still a hugely popular tourist hotspot.