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Making 2017 Another Adventure

New year new me? Nah, I prefer to set a few goals and plan a couple adventures when the new year rolls around. Last year was pretty action packed, so I'm massively looking forward to seeing what I can fit in this year. I've managed to meet my January challenge, so I just have to… Continue reading Making 2017 Another Adventure

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Exploring 2016

2016 was a busy year for me! Between changing posts at work and moving city, I have managed to fit a couple of adventures in. These were my favourite parts of 2016: In February, I went to Glenmore lodge to try winter walking. With lots to learn, we spent two full days out around Cairngorm. Winter… Continue reading Exploring 2016

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Try: Winter walking in Scotland

Several hours of high wind and spindrift ensured that my first day of winter walking was giving me a good taster of what Scotland in February could whip up. I was quickly learning that the freezing conditions would make my buff around my mouth solid if I wasn't careful of condensation, and that it was… Continue reading Try: Winter walking in Scotland


Adventures in wild swimming

Scotland may not be the first place you think of when you go looking for clear waters to splash about in the outdoors. But if you're up for braving a chill and battling the midges, you may just find something rather special.


The year ahead: 2016

It seems that this time every year, every other newspaper is publishing reports about how unlikely we are to stick to our New Year resolutions. With so many vague "get fitter", "be healthier" type resolutions, I guess it's not all that surprising. However, I've found that I have a lot more success with a to… Continue reading The year ahead: 2016


Off the tourist trail: Roma

When going somewhere new, I always like to find something different to do. Even at home, I love finding restaurants and cafes away from the big chains that offer something a little individual. When planning our trip to Rome, I was determined to find something unusual for us to do as a wee surprise for Craig's birthday. After searching for… Continue reading Off the tourist trail: Roma


Rome: Vatican City

Small country, big views! With over two and a half thousand years of history and culture around every corner, Rome is a city like no other I’ve ever seen. It's the only city with another country inside its boundaries and it is bursting with amazing sites.  Back in February Craig and I went to Rome… Continue reading Rome: Vatican City



I've had a rather exciting year! Between working, moving across the car park to a new flat and continuing to drink too much tea, I have managed to fit in quite a few exciting trips and trails.  In February, Craig and I headed off to Rome for a few days. I have a passing interest… Continue reading 2015

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Another Adventure Attempted

It's been an odd summer in Scotland this year. Though not particularly warm, I have had so many bright and clear days out on the hill! I never thought I would grumble about good weather, but looking to fill my logbook for a Mountain Leader assessment, I am actually hoping for some horrible weather over… Continue reading Another Adventure Attempted